For that one moment
After 2 years and a half
We sat there face to face
Wondering what will happen to us
Are we going on too strong
That we tend to hurt each other
With what our heart desires?

Are we going to get back together
and go crazy?
Are we going to tell the world
how we are actually meant for each other?

We sat there for half and hour
In silence
Searching for all the feelings that we used to have
Whenever our eyes met
Wondering if the sparks are still there
Maybe we can start a fire?

Tears rolling down my cheeks
You stare at me blankly with that dark eyes of yours
" What should we do? "
" I don't know "
" Can i continue to love you? "
" No. We can't "
" Am i killing you? "
" Yes. We're killing each other"

.. & you cried.

-- You make me believe the impossible. You make me discover another part in life that i never get to learn. You take me to places that i have never been. All, in your own way. In your very own special way. I thought i've passed all this but i'm not & so do you. 

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  1. cantiknya blog done folo, folo me back k :)


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