Do You Smule? [Part 2]

Hello everyone!

I just noticed that my blog has been viewed by few other countries as well. Not just from Malaysia. Japan, China, and others as well. I'm quite overwhelmed but at the same time, makes me feel like i should blog in English instead (no?). Sorry for any bad grammar. But i will try my best. Most of the entries viewed are regarding my food review, makeup reviews and this, Do You Smule? . I am terribly sorry if those entries are in Bahasa. Even if it is in English, i don't think its gonna help much? Haha. I will improve my writing from time to time. Bare with me okay?

The reason why i am writing this is because i have been receiving numbers comments asking about the smule app. There is no way i can reply to them and they won't get notified as well.

First of all, no, i am not working with smule. Second, i am just like you guys, i have no idea about the app when it comes the technical parts. But i can only answer a few. Here goes nothing.

I haven't tried that before since i only have one phone.

This is a real 'gigih' one.

Sadly you cannot because it works just the same like other apps.
You have to pay via bank.

You can only use the features once you subscribe the VIP. So,
kalau tak bayar, pakai je la yang free. Agak limited juga.

I cannot. Malu la. Ihik

If you are using android, you can stop the subscription by going to the 
playstore, search for smule, and there is a button (or link?) that says
'Stop Subscription' or something. 

I am not 'smule'-ing anymore since i noticed i only bring sadness and depression to the people in the house. Haha. I have already stop subscribing but i continue to sing the old way... yes. In the bathroom. Feel shoot me more questions. Again, i am not working in the technical department for Smule. Haha.

Till my next entry,

Thank You For the Time Spent, Guys. Do Leave A Comment!

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  1. Philippines too! :) I have no idea what Smule is. Haha.


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